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Figures of speech nella letteratura inglese

Thursday, September 24th, 2009

Figure retoriche principali della poesia (figures of speech)

Run-on line (or enjambement)

The run-on line (also know with the French word enjambement) is a figure of speech. It is when a line ends in the middle of a phrase and it continues to the next line.


The alliteration is a figure of speech. It’s the repetition of same initial consonant sound in words which are close together.


The assonance is a figure of speech. It’s the repetition of same vowel sound which are close together. It’s used to give a musical effect to the poem. It can be considerated a refrain of vowel sound.


The refrain (from Vulgar Latin refringere, “to repeat”), also known as chorus in songs, is the repetition of one of more phrases at the beginning of every stanza.


The repetition is when a line or a phrase appear more than one time in a poem. It’s used to enforce the meaning of the sentence.


An onomatopoeia is a word that tries to sound the same as a real sound we might hear. Words similar to woof, click, buzz, boom, crash and shh are examples of onomatopoeia.